Game Testers Wanted

“The Colorful World of Hue”

A couple weeks ago Devin Kelly sent me an email… I havent heard from him in years.. We worked on FATHOM (my RTS project) wayyy back in the day. We didnt get very far with FATHOM because Devin (programmer) had to develop all the tools for the engine…. That sucked. Anyway.. He’s been working on a tower defense game for a while and wanted to know if I wanted to do the graphics for it. So we’re game deving stuff.
So the game is a tower defense game, and its multiplayer. Its based in a world of old cartoons, artists nightmares and general insanity. The thing that makes this different from other tower defense games is that its based on colors. You can choose the colors of your towers or attackers. Only opposing units of the same color can do maximum damage. Its a cool idea and I’m really happy with the way its coming together. If code was a martial art, Devin would live on top of a mountain and call people grasshoppa. Its so awesome to say “I need to do this”.. and a little while later (usually minutes) theres some magic script written that does what I need.
So to the point… we are getting to a point that we will need a few people to test the game mechanics, playability, balance, etc. Shoot me a message of facebook or thru my site for information…

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