FATHOM the game

So way back in 2003 I had an idea for a video game. Back then indie developers were a rarity and the odds of making something to compete with AAA titles was out of the question…. but I tried it any way. I met some great people…. Devin (code guru), Sammy, Matt and Alex that went in with me to try and pull something off. We failed in the end… mostly because there were no tools available. We had an engine (or three) but they werent made for RTS games or they had no tools (editors, etc). For 10 years I’ve had this game in my head.. I think its like that song you wake up with in your mind every morning, you cant stop thinking about it until you hear it. So I think I’m going to try FATHOM again. This time we have the tools, the engine, things like Kickstarter and most of all more experience.
I’ll post more here as I get time and I’ll probably start a developers blog somewhere also. In the mean time, here are my first efforts after a few hours toying with the engine.





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